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Has your car battery given up on you? It’s no big deal, it happens to everybody, but before you can address the problem at hand, you need to purchase a good quality battery. That’s where kfzteile24 https://www.supersavermama.de/kfzteile24-gutscheincode comes in. When it comes to making a good purchase, there aren’t many people you can trust, but kfzteile24 will definitely prove you wrong!

Once you’ve made the purchase, it’s time to look into a good replacement. We know what you’re thinking; just take it to the mechanic, and you’ve got the job done! But why would you spend so much on a task you can easily do yourself?

Changing the battery

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To replace your battery, you need to start by making sure your engine is turned off, which is quite obvious but you’ll be surprised how many times people fail to do it! Once that is done, you begin by detaching the negative battery, and for those of you who don’t know, it’s the back cable attached. You can easily loosen the nut with the use of a combination wrench, but we recommend using the battery plier. Once you’re done with that, most people jump the gun to pulling on the rest of the cables by using screwdrivers. However, the right way is to use a battery terminal puller to detach the rest of the cables including the red (positive) one.
Once all the cables are detached, beware about how you take the battery out. The common mistake is simply lifting up the battery but what you need is a socket and ratchet and very carefully take it out. Congratulations! The battery is now our which means you have to check the battery tray with a cleaning solution so that your new battery doesn’t face much trouble. However, it’s not just the tray you need to clean; it’s also the connectors you need to clean up.

The next step is quite easy, all you have to do is place the new battery on the tray more or less the similar way you took it out. Also, you can spray the terminals with anticorrosion spray so it doesn’t wear away too quickly and voila! You’re done!

The kfzteile24 Spare Batteries are of high quality and do not wear away too easily, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

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